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Are you the woman of your dreams?

Women are inherently relational in their inner wiring and identify and meet themselves through relationships.

For a woman to feel fulfilled and complete, she requires loving, fulfilling and thriving relationships in her life.

Let’s together take this journey of


We have never been taught what a happy & inspiring marriage is!

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of The Modern Earth Goddess Academy

Modern Earth Goddess Academy (M.E.G.A.)

is a 16 week deep immersive programme wherein you will be taken into this journey through 6 phases

Who is

Geet Taneja

and how can she help me?

Everything in my life, all my struggles, all my inner battles, all my successes, my failures, my relationships,my spiritual awakening and all the good & bad experiences in my life has created and paved the path for me to create the Modern Earth Goddess Academy.

I had to go through a very long & challenging journey of 15 years filled with depths of unworthiness, lack of confidence, heartbreaks, abandoning my self to taking the spiritual journey of traveling across the world, learning from various masters, teachers, becoming a student of life, of relationships around me and thereby discovering & unleashing the Goddess within me.

I had a lot of perseverance, resilience to keep going on this journey which many would give up half way when recurring patterns rear their ugly head. I realise that not everyone has the motivation to take this arduous journey and that is why I created this program to make it easy for all women living now and the ones that will come in the future to access these truths, these liberating practices & teachings that will help them activate the goddess within them and live the life of their dreams.

I am a spiritual teacher & a Neuroplastician trained & certified in eutaptics-FasterEFT, Hypnotherapy, Past life therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Self I-dentity Through Ho’oponopono, Taoism, Theta healing and the founder of the Personal development brand-Alchemy with Geet. My rich & successful stint in the corporate world enriches me with strategic, practical & result oriented approach to spirituality & personal development.

I have worked with thousands of women through my workshops, seminars, individual sessions in the last 10 years to help them meet their true self and stop living a life of lies taught by the society.

If you’re afraid of trying something new…
you may never experience the life you deserve & dream of.


Stop believing all those lies which we were taught that you cant have everything, you have to give up something to have something , don’t dream too big and so on.


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