AWAKENED WOMAN is a workshop created and tailored for women to tap into their inner power, connect to themselves and their divine energy to have a more authentic and joyful life experience.

Throughout the workshop, we will guide you on a step-by-step healing journey to understand what it means to be a woman, to be “YOU” and how to use that in creating balance in your health, relationships, purpose, love and many more.

AWAKENED WOMAN is the one who owns, adores and relishes the pleasure of living in a woman’s body. She walks with a sway in her hips & spring in her step owning her passion whether it entails climbing corporate ladders, basking in the warmth of creative arts or blossoming a loving home. She loves herself and others fiercely and fearlessly.

Awakened Woman is a Powerful 2 week programme of discovering and unleashing the Feminine radiance and magnetism through various tools and healing processes-

Session 1 - Know The Unknown

Session 2- Activating Body Wisdom

Session 3- Emptying yourself to enter womb of gold consciousness through shadow work

Session 4 - Surrendering with Yin Yoga

Session 5 - Entering the Feminine Body Temple


Session 6 - Mirror Gazing into the Unconscious

Session 7 - Rites of Womb

Session 8 - Belly Dance Therapy

Session 9 - Womb Healing

Session 10 - Crystal Heart Activation

Session 11- Reclaiming Your Relationship with the Moon as a Creational Compass

Session 12 - Navigating the Physical World with Feminine Ease

Session 13- Goddess Routine

Journaling Techniques

This workshop is for the modern woman to understand her body and accept and cherish her femininity as a powerful tool for awakening her goddess self and live a holistic life on the Earth dimension.
With consciousness changing tools & techniques we will empty ourselves in this 2 week programme making space for our Goddess Self to be deeply embodied.

30th Jan’21 – 13th Feb’21

Live zoom classes-30th Jan,31st Jan & 7th Feb (Bonus classes dates will be announced during the workshop)
Whatsapp Daily Exercises & techniques Venue: Zoom & Whatsapp

Geet Taneja - Trainer

Geet Taneja, born a seeker, started her spiritual journey at a very young age. In her thirst to understand the spiritual laws and metaphysical laws governing life on Earth, she studied under various Masters and teachers from around the globe.
She believes that creating a beautiful life and anchoring peace in your being is the testimony of being on the correct spiritual path in Life.
She is trained in and conducts sessions using Clinical hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression therapy, Ho’oponopono, Faster EFT, JOURNEY (by Brandon Bays), Theta healing, Pranic healing, Angel therapy, Taoism, Crystal healing, Melchizedek techniques and is a Heal your Life Trainer.
She also has a successful corporate career where she worked with the Govt in developing policies for the underprivileged sections of the society.


Energy Exchange: Rs 15000 for 2-week program inclusive of

Early-bird Registration: Rs 11000/- only valid up to 20th Jan 2021

We have been programmed by the Patriarchal society and education system to value masculinity more than femininity. As a result of this, women have unconsciously driven themselves to aspire to be more masculine to succeed and be valued more in the society. This has led to troublesome imbalances in the energy system and bodies of women leading to menstrual problems, early menopause, problems like ovarian cysts, fibroids, cervical neck pain, breast cancer and so on. The Polarity imbalance also creates relationship and marriage conflicts as the masculine and feminine are important to be balanced in a couple for a happy and conducive partnership

What to Expect from this 2 week Journey-

  • 2 weeks of Transformation: designed to awaken your power and well being in every area of your life.

  • Powerful Life-changing Goddess Initiations: Life-changing initiations to clear your aura and energy systems at a deep, consciousness-changing level, flooding your quantum field with unconditional love.

  • Powerful Tools & Rituals: to transform your inner consciousness with tools like inner re-engineering, regression, meridian tapping, energy medicine,Shamanism, Taoism, Arabic dance therapy, healing sounds, crystal healing and much more to bring about beautiful changes in your life and awaken the higher powers within you.

  • Be inspired & empowered: to take ownership of your healing and spiritual transformation through an entirely new understanding of what ‘transformation’ and ‘healing’ really entails.

  • Guidance & healing: on how to receive and trust your own inner guidance. Learn how to heal from within through calling upon your own Divinity and working with the tools and techniques shared in the workshop.

  • You ARE a Goddess, like no other, The Goddess within You is special and unique to you, seated within your heart and she is calling you towards an unimaginably blissful new life full of flow and ease.

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