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About Geet

The purpose of any problem, stress, fear and disease in your life is not to make you suffer, live in pain, and accept it as your destiny. Its job is to make you grow and see life from a different perspective by unlearning any limiting beliefs and patterns which are causing that problem. Any breakdown is a disguised breakthrough waiting for your attention.

I am a Life elevation coach and a Neuroplastician who helps people alchemize their pain, misery, disease & fear into Joy, love, peace, and abundance. I help people get in touch with their infinite wisdom so that they become independent and climb greater mountains in life all by themselves.

I specialize in facilitating transformation at the deepest level, by maximizing my expertise in the latest cutting-edge techniques like Eutaptics® FasterEFT™, Neuroplasticity, hypnotherapy, and much more.

Geet Taneja

You are not here to live an average life,you are meant to experience the magnificence of life, experience the magic of true love , living a life of abundance , enjoy the boons of a healthy body and through it all living your life purpose.

I began my spiritual journey at the young age of 15 as I set out to find answers about my own pain and misery. I learnt from teachers from across the Globe, travelled the world and became a student of Life.Owing to this beautiful inner journey, I have created the most blissful married life, a successful corporate career , exponential financial growth. With all this knowledge , breakthroughs and wisdom brimming in me ,I  seamlessly became a  medium for these powerful life awakening tools, wisdom and knowledge to be passed on to other seekers.Life works organically through you when you empty yourself and live through inspiration.I have worked with hundreds of people through various workshops & individual sessions and the warmth I still feel in my heart when I see their souls come alive and the pain disappear from people’s hearts, is incomparable to anything else.

I conduct one-on-one therapy sessions using powerful transformational tools which give brilliant results for any kind of challenge including chronic health issues,stress, relationship issues, career issues, fears, phobias, traumas, money issues, addictions, abuse, etc.I am also trained in Clinical hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression therapy, Self Identity through Ho’oponopono(SITH), Faster EFT, JOURNEY (by Brandon Bays), Theta healing, Reiki ,Pranic healing, Angel therapy, Taoism, Rene Mey Healing, Crystal healing, EFT &  Melchizedek techniques.I am also a International Heal your Life Teacher Certified by Hay House (US) and conduct workshops based on the philosophy of Louise hay.

My goal in life is to keep deepening my own inner journey while I help and guide anyone and everyone who is willing to create a Magical life on Earth.

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