Divine feminine


Divine Feminine is the one who owns, adores, and relishes the pleasure of living in a woman’s body. She walks with a sway in her hips & spring in her step owning her passion whether it entails climbing corporate ladders, basking in the warmth of creative arts, or blossoming a loving home. She loves herself and others fiercely and fearlessly.

Awakening the Divine Feminine is a powerful 2 day workshop of discovering and unleashing the Feminine radiance and magnetism through various tools and healing processes-

Session 1-Know the Unknown

Session 2-Healing the body with Taoism

Session 3-Clearing the past and uprooting seeds of unhappiness

Session 4-Crystal Heart activation

Session 5- Belly dance therapy

Session 6-Embracing sexuality and sensuality

Session 7- Learning to alter states of consciousness using hypnotherapy

Session 8- Relationship Oasis

This workshop is for the modern woman to understand her body and accept and cherish her femininity as a powerful tool for awakening her goddess self and live a holistic life on the Earth dimension.

With consciousness-changing tools & techniques, we will empty ourselves in these 2 days making space for our Goddess Self to be deeply embodied.