Making FasterEFT accessible to all…

About the event

This Group Tapping Program is targeted at working on overcoming individual challenges by harnessing unconscious group synergy & individual focused intakes using Eutaptics-FasterEFT to create measurable changes.

Each Group will comprise of maximum 10 people to ensure each person gets focused attention while getting to tap on individual issues . We will be meeting 4 times in a month to come together and tap on our problems or day to day issues. Each person would be asked to fill a detailed intake form before the sessions and further deeper intake will be done by facilitator during the group session followed by FasterEFT tapping.

✨Access to regular tapping sessions to maintain healthy state of mind
✨Tapping sessions at a more affordable price
✨In a group setting we are able to tap on issues that sometimes we are consciously unaware of, but by listening our group members we realize having the same patterns/difficulties which we are able to work on.
✨ The group setting allows us to access repressed unconscious memories through conscious mind bypassing.
✨Group work allows faster release work owing to group consciousness intention activation.

FasterEFT-Eutaptics is a methodology developed by Robert G. Smith after many years of studying and working with thousands of people. It is a collection of new cutting-edge techniques and processes that integrates the most effective elements of Neuroplasticity, EFT, BSFF, NLP, spiritual understanding, science and the mind’s great ability to transform itself.

In FasterEFT, the whole goal of the session is to rewrite memory & beliefs. When we understand how neuroplasticity works, we’re given a formula of how to rewrite the memory & belief.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. These neural pathways are the basis for every thought we think, every action we take, every feeling we feel, every memory we have. The more we think, do, and feel something, the deeper the pathway becomes. Using Neuroplasticity we change the existing neural pathways & replace them with new, conducive ones which effortlessly start creating magnificent , desired outcomes in Life.

With the Neuro Linguistic programming(NLP) understanding, we’re able to step inside the mind’s eye and make the adjustments. We’re able to identify how the memory is being represented and then change each representational system. We’re then able to reconsolidate (or update) the memory.

Memory isn’t designed to be factual. It’s designed for survival. Each time you visit a memory, it’s changed. The emotional intensity before you visit the memory affects it. You can make memories better or worse, depending on the emotional drivers that led you to visit it.
Neuroplasticity is often connected with Mindfulness, the final major piece of the foundation for FasterEFT which will be used in these sessions.


Sessions will be on the Zoom video platform

Dates & time of August Sessions (Every Monday)

  • 1 August 2022 -9.30 pm IST
  • 8 August 2022 -9.30 pm IST
  • 15 August 2022 -9.30 pm IST
  • 22 August 2022 -9.30 pm IST
  • 29 August 2022 -9.30pm IST


Geet Taneja – Neuroplastician, Eutaptics-FasterEFT Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist , Heal Your Life Teacher, Pranic Healer , Past Life Therapist.

Registration Details

  • Course investment- Rs 5000/-
  • Early bird discounted price for first 5 Registrations- Rs 3000/-
  • Registrations after that Rs 5000/-
  • Registration link will close after 10 registrations are completed.