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What is Alchemy?

A seemingly Magical process of Transformation, Creation, Transmutation & Rebirth.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. 

Similarly our pains and traumas, heavy emotions cannot be released, healed or erased, they can only be transmuted into our light, power, love, shakti & unique gifts.

In the

Temple of Alchemy

Spirituality meets Science

Temple of Alchemy is a safe space, a cauldron, a container, a temple meadow for each one of you to become your own Life's ALCHEMIST.

What we are doing here is merging Spirituality and science. 

We work with Sacred energy practices, rituals integrating them with Nervous system regulation using Feminine Frequency Formula, somatics, breathwork, tapping & embodiment work.

The purpose of these sessions is to connect you back with your Inner Genius. 

No other person can ever know what is best for you, they can hold the light for you momentarily, but they cannot choose for you.

The answers to all your challenges can only be found within, all you need to do is learn is to LISTEN.

We spend our lives running from pillar to post, seeking Gurus, teachers, trying to please God to save us from our misery.

But what if God created you complete within yourself, and you just lost that inner connection to access what we call the INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM.

The purpose of Temple of Alchemy is to create a safe sanctuary where you will be gently facilitated, provided practices and tools for you to connect back with the wisdom of your body, mind & soul.

In the TEMPLE OF ALCHEMY, we use..

Alchemy is not just emotional work or mental work, it is a series of changes at different levels of our being.

Conscious disturbance (Life's Challenges)

Processing and Transmuting Emotional and physical blockages

Shadow work

Mental behaviour/ pattern change / Memory reimprint

Inner child integration

Connection & Activation with Highest self (Inner Guidance System)

Each of us has a Super conscious that is connected to the God-consciousness or Universal consciousness or Divinity. Most of us are living our lives disconnected not just from the Universal consciousness but also from our own Superconscious. Further more many of us are living disconnected even from our subconscious, solely driven by the conscious mind, the intellect. This is a very painful, exhausting, restless way of life. Even if you manage to get worldly success through the conscious mind by relying solely on hard work & intellect, your inner world is always in stress, turmoil, haste, restlessness, chasing. We think success, money and intellect can get us peace, joy & happiness but that is far from the truth, it is actually the biggest trap we have been sold.



What happens when you connect with your subconscious (inner child)?


You starting waking up as if from a deep slumber ,come alive from a zombie existence. Your heart starts opening and initially may bring to surface a lot of suppressed emotions of grief, anger, guilt, shame, etc and when we do not run away and process these emotions which we learn and practice in the TEMPLE OF ALCHEMY, we start being rewarded with the gifts of love, joy, peace.



What happens when you connect with your Superconscious?

You start centering in your life, a sense of ethereal calmness starts arising as you start feeling a higher power not because of stories heard or fears ingrained, but truly feeling the presence of something bigger than you and that you don’t need to do it all alone. You are supported.



What happens when you connect with your Universal consciousness?


Now your life starts being guided by something bigger, miracles start unfolding in your life, synchronicities becomes your second nature. You have access to all wisdom, all answers, solutions, anything and everything is accessible in this consciousness. Things happen before you can even desire them or ask for them.



How do we do this?

In Temple of Alchemy we work with the Nervous system, Kundalini system, emotional, mental & energetic body.


In these sessions, we step by step journey from the denser bodies to the lighter bodies creating Alchemy at every level as shared in the flowchart above. Different levels require different amount of time and space in different people as each one of us processes and stores traumas & patterns differently.



Geet Taneja

India’s 1st Advanced eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Practitioner, Embodiment teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono(SITH® ) Coordinator & Instructor , Feminine Frequency Formula Teacher, Theta healer, Heal Your Life Teacher, Mental Health Coach & EFT Practitioner.

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