Metamorphosing the Cocoon of Darkness

When faced with a painful situation we are faced with two possibilities either to draw a shield and shrink behind it or draw a sword and conquer it. Which one we choose is predominantly driven by our subconscious programming and to some extent can be influenced by a strong-willed conscious mind.

All of us, at various points in life, have felt encumbered by Life and its sudden blows in different forms and disguises. With every blow, we upgrade our weaponry by drawing conclusions and developing programmes in our mind which we feel would keep us safe if this were to happen next time because the pain is unbearable. We are so desperate to hide, run, scatter that we form limiting beliefs and programmes to run our future life in hopes to protect us from this unbearable pain.

Firstly, let’s look into why this pain is unbearable. We as a society have never valued or understood the importance of emotional quotient in our quest of upping our Intelligence quotients. EQ is the foundation on which everything builds and most of us have weak EQs, hence the empire trembles and crumbles in the guise of mid-life crises, diseases, relationship collapses.

Our emotions and feelings are greatly suppressed and misunderstood facets of our society. We have never been taught to not be ashamed of tears, how to handle anger, how to dissolve guilt, how to voice your hurt, rather we just shove it down our throats, bury it in our pious bodies and let it run as poison in our veins.

It is no more a luxury but a necessity to work on developing our emotional prowess if we wish to succeed in every area of our life. Thanks to the blessed times we are living in there are countless books, blogs, Life coaches, youtube videos, healing workshops, social media handles that are readily available to enrich and show us the way. All we need is the intent, desire and action to create a better and empowered life for ourselves.

Re-examining the existing beliefs and programmes we have developed is the second most important step. As we understand that those programmes were either borrowed from people around us who may or may not be brighter than us or were created by us under duress when we were hardly able to access 10% of our brain, we realise the importance of re-examining them and replacing the unhealthy ones with much better and empowering beliefs. These unhealthy beliefs even though limiting makes us feel safe and provide a cocoon of darkness. But an extraordinary life of utmost love, joy and abundance is not created by hiding in our comfort zones but by challenging the limits we have placed on ourselves. 

There are some brilliant neuroplasticity techniques available like Eutaptics® FasterEFT™, NLP & hypnotherapy that allow us to do this effortlessly and effectively.  

After a point in our lives, the weight of the countless shields buries our true spirit and the joy and happiness that comes with being free and light. Breakaway from these shackles and embrace the light that awaits you by taking the first step.

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