Four Aggrements

The Four Agreements

These Four Agreements and their application had a huge impact on my life and has been upheld by all the Inspirational teachers of our time.

In the book “The four agreements”, Don Miguel explains how the agreements we have with ourselves, have a huge impact in creating our Life.
These 4 simple agreements have the ability to create long-lasting happiness, success and peace of mind.

Be Impeccable with your word: Your word has a very powerful vibration as I shared yesterday and every word you say creates an energy vibration in your life. Choosing words with love, integrity and authenticity create similar results in our life. Avoid indulgence in gossip, bad-mouthing others and yourself and refrain from judgements.

Don’t take anything Personally: This is my personal favourite ????. ‘Nothing anyone says or does is ever about you’ What people say is a projection of their reality and when it cannot stir up anything within you, You are Free from the needless suffering. Say to yourself -‘ Not my circus, not my monkeys ????????

Don’t make assumptions: 90% of the relationship fights , misunderstandings can be avoided by following this simple rule -Never assume anything ,Simply ask. Whatever you need , express it clearly without assuming or blaming the other person. This will save you so much sadness,hurt and drama.(I can go on and on about this one, but I’ll park it for later????)

Always do your best..(and then rest????): In any situation ,ask yourself -‘ Am I giving my 100%?’ or am i holding back.Your inner conscience will always give you the reality check(No fooling it ????) Once you give your best , you won’t have to worry about judgements or appraisals of other , because you would be satisfied. This will free you from any regret and self abuse.

Just try these simple agreements in your life and tell us what you think about them.✨✨

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